2017 The Year I get to be Free!

new-years-eve-1789147_1280Well, where do I start….anywhere! I call 2017 the year I get to be free because, oh boy, 2016? *sighs* I am a believer and I would say it was a year God intended me to activate my faith – and see it work! When you are at this stage, I can guarantee you even the closest friend and your family will not understand what you have going on with you. They’ll say you are not realistic – that you use your emotions to make decisions (I somehow did) Why? Because I needed to grow. We get advice from our elder brothers, sisters and friends (who’ve been there done that) but some times they forget when they were our age, they didn’t know any better! Yes, I know what you are thinking but my point is everyone has steps in life they have to make – they might not be the best steps to the right direction but trust me they need them to grow.

2016 I trusted people I shouldn’t have, 2016 I was broken by people who were not supposed to break me and 2016 I learnt the best lessons no physical class would have taught me – that class is the class of life! Hands on experience buddies. I know we’ve all been there and still growing strong. All in all I learnt that if you do have a chance to advise someone, by all means do. It up to them to take your advice and always remember it’s not a must they take it – no hard feelings it might not sink in then but it will, eventually. If someone you advised doesn’t seem to get it that shouldn’t mean you hate them, No. Trust me your advice will be on their mind it’s just that they would need time to internalize it and for it to make an impact.

So, 2017 I believe am wiser and this year is going to be great. I will be turning a year older ( a quarter century) It a big deal for me, a big one! I have achieved a couple of things I wanted to by this age and am really grateful to God.  It might sound cliché, but life is indeed what we make of it so whatever the goals may be we set for 2017 we can achieve them, if we do our part. If some of them do not come through, it does not mean they are invalid; maybe more time is needed or we need to re-evaluate them.

Happy 2017 buddies, and let’s be free! (whatever free means to you, work it buddy!)


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  1. Unknown says:

    Inspiring!!!! Thanks for the encouraging words of life and motivation for 2017, this is a year of freedom

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  2. Muthoni says:

    Indeed its a year of freedom!


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