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Bravo! We talk of New Year’s Resolutions and yes my 2017 is looking good so far. Last night I spent 2 hrs watching this movie (It’s on Digital HD) and I must say, the best 2 hrs of my life I have spent – watching a movie! The first 20 minutes got me saying, Impressed. (my Facebook status can attest to that) As the movie went on, I had more than one ‘Aha’ moment, by the time I was done my mind was like “This is our story, our struggles, our people, our talents” and it kept going on and on. Wow, what a story, what a good Director and Producer and my favorite of all THE CAST! Mmmh, I loved them.Thank you for owning that story.  Disney, and other Film/Movie production professionals, can you make more of these? There are plenty of African stories out there I believe.

I don’t know your view about this movie but for me this was spectacular! It doesn’t matter where you come from – this movie will give you a piece of it that connects the dots to that part of your life (you would speak openly about or not) and creates this type of awakening moment, whichever way you would like to view it. I had two – Both from Robert Katende “Sometimes, the place you are used to is not the place you belong. You belong where you believe you belong. Where is that for you Phiona?” Anyone else feel what am feeling right now? (I would love to believe we are many) The second one was “Losses happen to all of us. But what matters is when you reset the pieces and play again” You could say they were talking about the chess game but this to me was a metaphor that shows us if you believe in something, failing does not mean you are incapable it only means you need new strategies and plan to get back to up.

Motherhood? Family? Friendship? Oh Queen of Katwe portrayed these in a language the whole world could understand. Phiona didn’t have much of the material things we as humans (especially the millennial) think one must have to be relevant in the society; no she had a Family, Friends and a Mother, all of these things do not cost money! They are not material things they are Relationships. The world is changing and the challenges we face each day, their solutions revolve around the relationships we keep connected to. You want to achieve that dream of yours? Look around and see who you are connected to. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, what you do, you got to have the right people in your circle. They do not cost money they cost trust, love, respect and your time (Yes time is money, and this is the right currency to invest with the right things and people) Thank you Disney, Thank you Uganda, Thank you Queen of Katwe Cast, that was GOOD!

See you soon buddies as we keep #BeingFree!


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