Happy 25th Birthday!


And the day came, she was 25 Years Old! It’s my birthday, Happy Birthday to me! It feels good indeed and am grateful to God for this day. The fact that I woke up today, means I have work to do, I have lives to touch, I have a purpose. I believe being alive, means there’s work to be done by each one of us; so, we live and enjoy the gift of life.

I enjoy writing and this year I thought of taking it seriously – I started a blog.  Having done two blog posts so far, I had to think of my next topic; I thought why not do it on my birthday? For some reason am a little too excited (maybe few years from now I won’t want to mention how old I am, LOL) but am happy to share two of my biggest lessons that I have learnt so far as I await what the next chapter of my life holds.

Like any young person, I have made decisions that my parents and friends who’ve been my age before me thought was the stupidest and craziest decision ever. One thing I learnt about that was I did not understand that I had me to answer to before I did to anyone else. I had the “we” mentality rather “I” mentality. Don’t get me wrong but it is okay to love yourself first to know how to love others. Yes, I know, it’s easier said than done. This loving yourself first is complex, and trust me it affects so much of our lives that we get consumed by the energy and start looking for all sorts of excuses to back our not so firm stand on what we chose to go for. I have trusted people in my life with what I thought was “the best thing to do” and what happens when you do this is the person might have a different mindset from what you have. When they get to change their mind about you or something, they won’t say why and won’t tell you when. You will try to solve it in your head but if you are being, completely honest with yourself; you tried to care for everyone else but yourself. So, what do you do? Good Authors have written books about this and from me to you I would say; Guard yourself. How do you do it? Decide as if everything depended on you. No matter how much you see yourself supported by other people, decide depending on you. You will need you to be brutally honest. If you do what I did few times in the past,take the easier way out? The outcome will come back to haunt you.

The second lesson would be about Resilience; mastering how to control what happens to you and at you – inside and outside. If you got what I just said up there you would know why I picked resilience to accompany it for this blog. Deciding your next step in life can be tough and you will be the captain of your ship all through the tides. What resilience does is, it reminds you of who you are and what you want to achieve or become at the end of the day. The tides will be all sorts of things from discouragement, self-pity, feeling miserable, not good enough, not doing enough, but at the end of the day you got to answer to you. I watch Hal Elrod of Miracle Morning on YouTube from time to time and he talks about his rule to overcoming those self-pity moments we have in life and he would ask himself: Can I change it? If yes, focus on how to change it. If no, leave it and move on because you get nothing out of something you can’t change you lose that energy whining, whereas you could have put that energy into working out your next move. I will say it again, easier said than done – resilience is a muscle you got to exercise it! You don’t get to master it without trial and error. You will fall but then again keep your head up, focus on the prize which is winning you.

See you soon buddies, keep #BeingFree.


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