What do you learn from your own kids or the little ones?


Anyone in business, whatever sort of business that is, has moments where they feel they are not either doing enough or aren’t enough. I do, plenty of times and I get all worried and throw the pity party of I don’t have this or that, bla, bla, bla. As humans we like to point fingers whenever we feel overwhelmed or feel we can’t accomplish something or when it hits us, its that time of the the month or year where we have to show results. We seldom start with ourselves. We will talk of all other factors yet the elephant in the room is US.

I had an aha moment recently when my 21 months old son taught me something I hold close to my heart and it emphasised one thing about being consistent, which is keeping your eyes on the WHY. (I stole this from Marie Forleo, you should check her out she is amazing) So, his evening routine is, he eats his dinner around 1900 – 2000hrs, plays with mama for some time  (mama is tired from work but being there for play moments is non-negotiable) then around 2200hrs (I know what you’re thinking, yes, he gets to bed quite late) he takes his milk. Immediately he’s done, Arthur (that’s my son’s name) starts running around the house, till he breaks a sweat! He does this every evening after taking milk. He is barely 2 years old, you wanna know what he taught me? In life you can do, be, whatever you set your mind to no matter where you are or what you have – you just got to be creative and keep your eyes on WHY you are doing whatever it is you are.

Arthur knows it’s late at night and mama can’t take him out to play (and he doesn’t have siblings, haha). His belly is full and he needs a good sleep. What does he have in hand? His little legs and a space! He utilizes this space by running plenty of rounds, his face gets all sweaty – the result that communicates to him, I have done my part for the day!  Within 10 – 20 minutes after, the little marathoner in the house is sound asleep till the next day 9:30 am – 10:00am. When this creative art of his came to life in my mind I was baffled and realized yes, I keep talking about what I don’t have to accomplish one thing or the other yet I was sufficient! I just needed to look around see what I had, understand my surrounding and execute the plan using the resources at hand and I would make progress.

This statement became more clear to me, in life there are only 2 options; Make progress or make excuses. We all know what we can be and the hard work is what we will choose to be.

Keep well my buddies, #BeingFree!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Florence says:

    Arthur has taught me that exuces are not acceptable. Just do it any how!


  2. Muthoni says:

    Yes, couldn’t agree more! Just do it!


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