Do you pick and choose what to be grateful for?




Often times we’re told to be grateful and personally whenever these words are uttered “Be grateful” my first thought is “good things that I have or good things that happened to me” I do this all the time – till this morning. On my way to work, all soaked up with thoughts and emotions about my current situation, my struggles and all. On my window seat, pretending to enjoy the moving vehicles and the city, my mind is wandering; but wait, I see something that captures my attention. I see this dad( seemed like one)  with his son trying to cross the road; when they’re about to, the dad grabs his son’s arm, there’s a vehicle that had just made a u-turn. The little boy didn’t see it but the dad did so he grabbed his arm to stop him from crossing the road. They finally do but while in the middle of the road another vehicle makes a u-turn and the dad holds on to his son’s arm till they get to cross and he lets go. (This is something that happens everyday but follow me I have a point)  I’m watching all this when my mind is all over the place then it hits me; Joy that’s parenting.

See, when God entrusts you with another soul he doesn’t promise it would be easy or if I may put it as Bishop TD Jakes says, when God promises you something get ready for trouble – this means don’t expect the obvious, things will be shaken a little bit, off your comfort zone but God’s promise to be there with us through the journey and storms remains, we just need to keep the Faith. Kids are blessings and yes they are in our lives for a reason. The journey of bringing up children can be challenging but what actually this is – A life class that we get to attend as parents and become the mentors to our own children. We get to see things beyond them, what they can’t see for themselves. All great people of our time will always have one thing their parents taught them that they hold on to or has helped them get through a tough time. What my morning story taught me is, whatever I have on my plate right now is indeed the path I ought to take as a parent. My little boy will need me to hold his hand and show him the way someday when he can’t seem to figure it out on his own and so, am grateful – for the tough times , for the happy times, all of it. Just like that dad did when they got to the other side of the road,(letting go of his sons’ arm) I will let go his hand at some point for him to walk his path but whenever he is about to make that one step that as a parent I can oversee trouble, I will hold his hand. He might not let me do so but he will remember I was there for him, I was present.
Like never before, Bishop TD Jakes sermon about embracing our storms made more sense than ever. Those mistakes you’ve made (we’re always told to learn from them) I tell you today take a moment and be grateful for them. Might sound silly but trust me you will see a change in your attitude towards life and we all know attitude is everything. You might have the biggest dream or vision the world has ever known but if your attitude does not align well with your calling you get weary. As we get by each day we need that one thing that keeps our mind and attitude working together for the greater course which is improving and empowering ourselves.

Keep well buddies, no matter what’s on your plate, you need it: Be Grateful.


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