It’s been a minute! Missed this platform.


Well yes, I haven’t published for some time now but I’ve been writing behind the scenes. Where is the content? It’s somewhere, just not ready for the blog – for now.

Okies, so I’ve been up to something on the side, a rough journey, but hey, I’m still breathing and indeed Learning to Love the Process. Everyone on this Earth has a journey they take up on and each one of us has a way we define it. We breathe this air and occupy the space for a reason. There will be moments you’ll feel nothing makes sense or seems to work but listen to the sound of your heartbeat and if you can feel it, you got work to do partner!  This has been my way to getting my sweet self back on track whenever I feel overwhelmed.

So today I happen to watch Seth Godin interview with Marie Forleo for the second time and few things made more sense this time around than they did the first time. One was Seth Godin talking about his everyday writing and I connected that with this statement he had about why we do what we do; him emphasizing it’s not about keeping the score on how many people read our content, retweet our tweets, it’s about knowing that the interaction we have leaves behind something we’re proud of – bigger is not the point, satisfaction is and I completely agree. Something else I noted was there is no right time to do things (maybe you’ve heard this many times, sounds cliché) the time is Now. I had moments where I thought I didn’t have the right content to publish but this interview made me realize to gain Trust and Permission to do what I want to do, I got to show up in a way I would want someone else show up for me. My main focus is to share what I have and if this helps someone realize something in them or disagree all together, I started a conversation anyway. It serves me no good to keep it to myself. Writing is like therapy to me and this is the best way I feel I communicate to the universe what I feel about life and myself as a person. So yes, I’ll keep writing; if it’s a two paragraph post, I put out there my opinion, observation or my journey.  Will I run out of content? Maybe. Will I be judged? Hell yes and it’s okay. I do it anyway because it gives me the satisfaction that I have done my part.

When you understand why you do what you do, you’ll do it even when it doesn’t make sense to the rest of us. Love the process, learn from it and free yourself – holding on to the gift you have for this world makes you a prisoner. Free yourself and watch how the universe turns that into a masterpiece you identify with as a unique being.

Keep well buddies!

PS: I did some editing on the image I have on this blog – I’mma keep ’em coming watch out, this girl, she’s onto something!





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