Homesick? Hmmmm…



Yes, today was one of those days; I had the worst homesick ever! The downsides of living in a different city or country all together other than your hometown. It was Easter Sunday and as early as 7:00 AM (In my hometown that was around 6:00 AM) my poor mum and sister had to reply to my texts of me trying to start a conversation. Finally my sister called and she goes like “I decided to host your nephew’s birthday today, we miss you here but go get yourself something and celebrate with us” and that was PAINFUL! I’m already feeling horrible about not being home for Easter and now there’s a party with cake and stuff that I’ll be missing? C’mon! Anyway, I was happy she called and we had a chat she tried to cheer me up, but I still miss my family.

I did get something to celebrate; I fried some chicken! Yes, food does take away my sorrow – Chicken for that matter. I’m not a master chef but I make sure however my tastes buds imagines it, that’s how I prepare it. (I don’t have photos of my chicken to show you guys, that’s my dream when I grow up) Other than writing, I enjoy my own cooking. I do try to not eat much, sometimes I do, just to keep this girl’s soul happy. Could it be wrong? Probably yes If I over did it. I try to keep myself on check; I’m not a size 8 though.

Cooking was not my thing before, until I had my son. It dawned on me this little man will be looking forward to mama’s cooking. I started trying out some recipes and I was happy with the results. Something else happened; whenever I could get to the kitchen and start preparing something my mind was engaged and it sort of used to keep me calm if I was having a tough day. Some of you do Yoga or Meditate (I try) and lots of other different stuff to disconnect from this crazy world we live in, it all works for us differently. We all have that happy place that we Identify beautifully with in our life journey. Personally, I have a couple, one of them would be transferring ideas into words and maybe creating a meal?

I’m at a place in my life where I’m experiencing new things each day, it’s interesting. I bet this will be my best year.  I call it exploring what I resonate with and I’m dragging the internet on my journey. I know there will be a day I’ll look back and be happy I did this; I can feel it and see it. The post might be short and all over the place but this lady is working on her trail, if it leads her to the highway, the better. She’ll keep looking because she’d rather leave a trail than never have walked at all and so should you.

Happy Easter buddies!



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