My Sister, My Everything!



Family, Me and my sister precisely….. She’s older than me by 3 years and us being girls (we grow fast) we almost look the same age or I look older than her – I would like to convince myself ; hey, I’m taller than her! There’s so much to write about my sister, I can go on and on. We grew up by each other every single day of our lives until the day she had to join High School. She went to a boarding school so of course was left at home since I was still in Primary School. A story for another day or a book 🙂

We’ve laughed together, shared a lot if not everything, cried, messed up, lied to our parents, I mean anything you can imagine as siblings. My sister is special. She is just special. She has taken care of me, I can’t repay her enough even with my life. God gave me my sister because He absolutely knew I needed her by my side. We’ve gone through so much together and I can tell you for a fact no one feels my pain as she does. She knows me like the back of her hand. When I’m up to something she doesn’t even need to ask. I’ve hurt her times in my life, mostly through the decisions that I make but the fascinating thing about her is she understands how to bring me back around.

Today, as many other days, she did something for me that I still can’t comprehend; all I can say is yes indeed God created her knowing I would need her. Many times our siblings are there for us and we tend to think “that’s the way it should be anyway” but no. Learn to appreciate your family or that one person that is always there for you as a Sister, Brother, Mother, Father, whoever they may be, say I Love You and Thank you often. It’s a blessing to have someone who cares for you and feels your pain when your heart has hurt so bad that you don’t feel the pain anymore. They’re there to remind you that you still belong here and they stand by you no matter how small, how big. Appreciate them.

I Love you Sis, always will.

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Edits: Me!  🙂


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