Don’t keep the dirty laundry, wash your face too.


Life kicked him so hard to the very core of his being. He was still, smiled and said to himself “I still got it” He wished he could run away from it but forgot sometimes life can indeed fix you in a corner only God knows how you can escape. He was hurt by friends, the very close friends and life hurt him as well and left him as a wreck. He would hear voices “you did this to yourself” “you got yourself into this” “did you think it would be different now?” Those voices wouldn’t stop. He had this side of him that believed there would be happy days in the end. However he forgot one thing; He still dragged along the laundry bag full of all sort of dirty clothes that he wore those days while trying to make a name for himself.  The dirt of all kind and he wasn’t willing to do the laundry, poor man! The dirt of all kind…. “Why did you judge me” as if that would change anything now “You should have reached out to me” the world would care less. He needed to understand one becometh the words they take in everyday.

Wisdom is a blessing, you got it and you’re indeed blessed – Solomon from the Bible knew what Wisdom meant to mankind. Knowing what’s right from wrong, knowing how much of yourself you can give and be okay. How much you can take or not take all. How much you can believe and understand you got what it takes to embrace life when the unknown unfolds. I wish he would acknowledge there was indeed a greater power watching over him whatever name you may like to call it. In whatever pit he would be, that there would be a miracle and this miracle would surely shake the core of his being the same way the thunder of sorrow did. The difference is the Miracle would give him the smile while the sorrow, tears. But wait, you can still cry in both scenarios, the difference is in the what the tears leave behind. The miracle tears leave a trail of hope and belief in oneself while the sorrow tears leaves a wound and at the same time stretches the strength muscle a little bit.

In the end, good or bad, everything leads us somewhere. He needs to choose what to live with – that laundry bag can keep dirty clothes or clean ones. The clothes still belong to him, he gets to decide how he keeps them. In other words he gets to decide what to live with, the wounds or the scars. You ask me? I would choose scars for they remind me where I came from; I prefer to keep my laundry clean because my face is clean and everything else is.

 To be continued……


2 Comments Add yours

  1. eliza rudolf says:

    Well ✒ penned👌👌👌


    1. Muthoni says:

      Thanks Eliza☺


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