Happy Second Birthday to My Little Man, David Arthur.



Son today you turn 2 years and mommy will write about you this year, next, until you’re five; from then on, we’ll write about our life together. Sounds like a perfect plan? Yes!

You’ve brought so much light in my life and sort of got me out of my comfort zone boy. You make mommy reach heights she never thought she would, you make mommy believe in life again; you are a miracle in mommy’s life. I’m here, extremely happy and amazed how fast the days have gone, how I managed, it’s indeed by the grace of God.

Everything about you is a miracle. The day I knew I had you in my belly, I could say I thought “oh happy me I’ll be a mum”.  I had no idea what was ahead of me, the tears, the laughter, the lessons, the heart breaks, the love, talk about episode after episode. Having you meant I had a great role to play in another human being’s life as their mother, as their mentor, as their pillar and yes that experience has taught me plenty.

Mommy has been knocked down and the amazing thing about it is that she gets back up. She does every time because she is a strong believer that better days are ahead, she can do it and she can achieve it. Some things don’t work out and that doesn’t mean she gives up. She learns the lessons and takes on the journey. Son, you have played a great role in all that; because of you I feel I can push, I can try again. You get me back on track. You remind me I have all that I need. You teach me to appreciate the steps and you give me a reason to trust the mornings will come.  You are my reason Arthur.

When you get to read this, baby I want you to know you were God’s plan and not any single day should you doubt the love God has for you. Your story has been that of a King just as your name and son, being a King comes with lots of responsibilities. I might not be the best person to have around to some people but boy when God picked me to be your mommy He knew I would do a good job (happy face). As I flash back those last two years I can tell you for sure mommy is being prepared for the life ahead. Today I’m here on this earth I play my part and embrace the life God has for us together and when am gone, I believe I’ll be watching over you. All things will work for our good baby, why? Because I believe so and know so. The two years have gone, we’re still around that means we belong and we’re not alone.

Happy second birthday Arthur, mommy loves you and God loves you more.



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  1. TAJWAR FATMA says:

    This is such a lovely tribute to your son ♡


    1. Muthoni says:

      Thanks Fatma. I love this little man so much😊

      Liked by 1 person

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